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Actor Gabriel Vaughan has made the audio version of my Pine book one of my most popular titles. Google Play Books recently put 40 minutes up on YouTube, giving you a lengthy taste! Click the image above.



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Had fun guesting on Tom and Doogie's great new podcast When Would We Die, which explores the likelihood of 2 affable middle-aged guys making it out of classic movies alive. How would they fare as deer in Baxter Park? Tune in to Episode 4: Bambi

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A murderous hermit. A Maine Guide. And some of the most remote country left in the East, led to one of the longest manhunts in Maine history. Read my new true crime piece in Down East

It was great to pay another visit to 207 and chat with the legendary Rob Caldwell.

When I released my book, I wondered how the Appalachian Trail community would react to it. As Baxter Park rangers our job is stewardship first and foremost. This means we sometimes find ourselves having to enforce the rules with through hikers who’ve hiked for thousands of miles on their own terms. I wrote about some of the controversies over the years, which I thought might rankle some. So, I was pleased to be included on The Trek:'s Appalachian Trail Reading List, where author Carol Fielding recommended my book as “Fun Reading,” calling it “informative and gripping.” Some great reading to be found here (I’m looking at you Bill Bryson).

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Surreal to hear my story in someone else's voice. Actor Gabriel Vaughan read White Pine for the Audible version and did a better me than me. . .

Click the phone to listen to a sample on the Audible website. . .

My girlfriend talked me into making a Facebook page, you can find me here. . . 

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Excited to be asked to write about my favorite ranger books for the book recommendation gurus at

Cool day when you make it into the dictionary (Merriam-Webster, since 1828), search for usage of the word aesthetics, and the Sierra Club Book Club selects your work for discussion. . .​​


The Travel Channel episode featuring Boon Island is available to rent on Amazon and YouTube. (I had cellulitis of the nose during filming, and there are several plot elements that are not quite right, but “Monumental Mysteries” (Season 2, Episode 3) gave it a good go.

Andrew Vietze is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than two dozen books, including This Wild Land, White Pine, Boon Island, and Becoming Teddy Roosevelt.

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